USAYESS is proud to partner with Erickson Shooting School to offer one of the best coach training opportunities available

Level I – Beginner
(1 day, cost $150.00 p/person)
Basic Safety
Basics (Eye Dominance, Natural Point of Aim, Stances for each discipline, Proper Way to Mount Your Gun, Gun Sizing to the Shooter, Vocabulary


Level II – Intermediate
(2 days, cost $350.00 p/person)
Deeper Dive into Stances, Gun Mount Review for each Discipline,
Discerning Leads for each Discipline, Foot Position, Gun Position, Eye Position for each Discipline


Level III – Elite
(2-3 days, cost $500.00 p/person)
Vision, Biomechanics, Mental Game, Focus on Process, How to Structure Practice, How to Prepare For and Hold a Competition, Arranging Ammunition Programs, Working with College Administrators

This is the only training course offered and nationally recognized by USAYESS. USAYESS Coaches are required to achieve a minimum level 2 certification.

USAYESS Coaches, schedule Level I and Level II classes at the same time with 10 or more participants and achieve Level II in 2 days for just $350 per participant!

Experience coaching excellence with Bret, a 30+ year veteran coaching all shotgun disciplines, a four-time Olympian, Olympic Shotgun Team Coach, NRA Camp Coach, and Head Coach at Midland University Shotgun Sports. As a World Champion, World Record Holder, and eight-time National Champion, Bret’s unparalleled expertise defines our program.

Joining him is Lisa, Operations Manager at USA Shooting, NRA Camp Team Lead, and Team Leader for World Cup Competitions. With 15+ years in the legal field, 10 years in the medical field, and as an Assistant Coach at Midland University Shotgun Sports, Lisa brings a holistic approach to training and development.