USAYESS Staff and Contact


Leadership of USAYESS

USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports is honored to have extremely talented and gifted people providing direction for the organization. This includes the volunteers, advisory council, and board members.

USAYESS is organized and structured to accomplish its mission safely with great passion, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Our partners and teammates are individually chosen based on their skills, teamwork, dedication to youth education in shooting sports and the outdoors, and integrity.

Board Members

Brian Beard, President

Brian was born and raised in Utah, where he lives today. Brian has been involved in shotgun sports for many years but can only be seen shooting sometimes. His true love and involvement is in watching the youth grow and achieve their goals and he works hard in the administrative side to make that possible for the youth.

Brian got his start in the shooting world from his best friend who hired Brian to be a website administrator at a local gun club. After two years, he was appointed to Executive Vice President of the gun club handling all the administrative logistics.

After leaving the gun club, he was recruited as an assistant coach for a local USAYESS team. Shortly after, he was made the UTYESS president. As president of UTYESS, Brian saw a clear need to find and recruit more youth to the sport, and through various and creative advertising techniques, UTYESS grew from 50 athletes to over 370 today. Brian also spent time working to address many of Utah’s youth shooters’ challenges: Financial needs, number of shoots available, getting more kids involved, better recognition at a regional and national level, improving the reputation of UTYESS at the national level, and much more.

As president of UTYESS, Brian met Mike Borg and almost instantly had another best friend. Mike would soon be relying on Brian for anything website-related, making Brian the USAYESS website and registrations administrator. Mike also began depending on Brian for many of the USAYESS executive administration tasks and worked hard to ensure Brian was included and up to speed on everything business-related.

Tim Sellin, Vice President

Tim assists Brian in Presidential duties and helps guide and direct the organization. In addition, Tim’s experience in youth shooting sports, and USAYESS particularly, is called upon often as questions or concerns in various aspects of the program arise.

Tim is also the USAYESS lead safety coordinator and is responsible for ensuring all athletes and coaches know what is expected of them before shooting an event.

Ellie Sellin, Vice President

Ellie also assists Brian in Presidential duties and helps guide and direct the organization. In addition, Ellie is the technical consultant on all event mechanics from registration, to iClays, to trophies. Her history with USAYESS and the late Mike Borg has been critical in keeping the organization moving toward achieving its corporate goals. Ellie is also the mom of the Board of Directors and is always concerned with our well-being and good cheer.

Regina Bischoff, Treasurer

Regina resides in Colville, WA with her husband, daughter, and son. She enjoys the outdoors and volunteers with key conservation groups such as the local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the local youth marksmanship program, and other community organizations.

Talia Darby, Board Member

Talia Darby grew up in northern California where she was introduced to competitive shooting at the age of 14 and an alternative to water polo. Talia had the opportunity to be coached by some of the world’s best; including Todd Bender, the late Wayne Mays, Bill Burke, and Dan Lewis. Talia was the nation’s first NRA Level I Junior Shotgun Instructor; certified by Don Sipes, NRA Chief Shotgun Trainer. a was very successful in the shooting world; Two-Time SCTP National Champion, California State Skeet Champion, Zone 7 Skeet Champion, Four-Time Collegiate National Champion (Lindenwood University), and NSSA World Champion.

Talia is a Senior Coordinator of Settlement Operations with Master Card in St. Louis, MO. Talai and her husband Jared enjoy the outdoors and helping introduce youth to shotgun sports.

Matt Reich, Chief Operations Officer

Matt’s campaigning to be impeached. Please extend hand gestures at will.

Corporate Staff

Alex Lindberg, Marketing Director

Hi, my name is Alex, and I’m a photographer and marketing producer based in Utah. I have taken photography and marketing classes. When I’m not designing, or taking photos, I enjoy playing video games and creating art. I’m starting as a new position and will be working to get the best outcome of all events that I will be attending.

Gear I Use::

  • Canon EOS 850D (Rebel T8i)
  • EF-S 18-55 F/4 STM Zoom Lens
  • 420-800mm Telephoto Lens
  • Color correction lenses
  • KOMERY 4K Video Camcorder

Q&A For Me:

  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
    • I would love to live with the scenery and culture of Japan, as well as the weather.
  • Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?
    • I would rather drive a car, but it has to be a nice car like the ones I’ve had in the past.
  • If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
    • I would travel to 1685 and be a Colombian pirate on a ship and experience life on the high seas.


Mike Borg, Founder
(1958 – 2020)

Mike was born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised on the little island of Malta in the Mediterranean. He is first generation American and proud of both nationalities. Mike lives in Colville, Washington with his wife Leah where they enjoy the outdoor life. They have three children and two grandchildren. Mike retired from the family business in 2009.

Mike has thirty-five years of business experience in the hotel, restaurant, and construction industry. He was Director of Operations and Training Store Director of three major markets in California and Wyoming with Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. He owned a multi-unit Wendy’s franchise and a multi-unit hardwood company.

Mike started shooting skeet at the Fort Ord military base in Monterey, CA in 1976 and became involved in introducing youth to the clay target sports in Monterey California as a Head Coach in 2004. Mike was a California State Adviser., and Western US Director of Development for a youth shotgun program. While in this position, he helped set up 10 western state associations as non-profit 501 c 3’s.

In 2013, Mike founded USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS) as a support foundation to implement, grow, and support state organizations affiliates, and youth organizations that have a competitive shooting program. As well to teach firearm safety, and wildlife conservation to youth and their families nationwide in a fun-filled family environment.

Deborah Hartman, Co-Founder

Deborah grew up in Indiana and came to the Great Northwest 20 years ago. It wasn’t until Deborah moved to Montana that she fired her first shot. She instantly fell in love with shooting sports and wants all Americans, young and old, to be able to have the same love of shooting sports that she has. Deborah is also grateful that our founding fathers included the ability for all Americans to be able to defend themselves, their property, and their freedom by owning and bearing arms. She believes it is encumbered upon us to pass on the same knowledge and love of shooting sports to the next generation. Deborah hopes to use her organizational and marketing skills to help youth be able to grow with all the competitive shooting venues.

Deborah is an NRA Certified Level I Shotgun Coach and a founding member of USAYESS. She also hosts several clinics that introduce women and youth to firearm safety and shotgun sports…