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Rosemarie (Rose) Ann Schumacher October 6, 1959 - October 15, 2019

Rosemarie (Rose) Ann Schumacher was born on October 6th, 1959 to Donald and Viola Schumacher in Salina, Kansas. The story has it that her mother slipped on ice and went into preterm labor with her 2 months early. She weighed 2 pounds, 8 ounces at birth. Her father recalls that, “she was so tiny she could fit in one hand”. Rose was the middle of 3 children.

Growing up, Rose lived in 5 different states and moved around a lot due to her father’s employment with the United States Air Force. She always considered herself an “Air Force brat”. It is assumed this is where her passion for travel developed as she collected memorable objects from all over the world with stories for each of them. Many of Rose’s hobbies as a child included going digging for clams on the beaches of Maine and working on her parent’s farm in Wisconsin. Rose always loved animals and participated in a pony club for several years.

Nearly every childhood experience included her older brother Buddy and as an adult Rose looked most forward to her little sister Bonnie’s weekly phone calls. Rose was always considered a daddy’s girl and treasured every moment spent with her father. Rose was her mother’s legacy.

“Rosie,” as many would call her graduated from Baldwin-Woodville Area High School in 1978. From there she continued her education at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls where she received a bachelor degree in Elementary Education. Rose worked several steady jobs while enrolled in school and was still able to make time for fun, (hence her probation period in college Freshman year!)

Rose received her first teaching job in Gabbs, Nevada so she packed up everything she owned, said goodbye to everyone she knew and headed out West. She started teaching in August, 1984. It wasn’t long after she moved to Gabbs that she met a handsome bachelor working on the drill rig. After 6 weeks of dating their fate was sealed after he asked her to marry him during a game of cribbage. Rose married Scott James Ackley on June 22nd, 1985. During Rose’s time in Gabb’s she taught 3rd grade, coached several sports teams, was a volunteer firefighter, worked on an ambulance as an EMT and made friendships that little did she know would last a lifetime.

Rose and Scott spent their first 7 years of marriage having the time of their lives pursuing their outdoor interests and leisure activities. They moved from Gabb’s to Spring Creek, Nevada in 1991. It wasn’t long after when their first born child Drew Donald Ackley entered the world in 1992. It was often said that after bringing him home from the hospital, Rose and Scott looked at each other saying, “now what”? In case her hand’s weren’t full already trying to maintain a household, keep up with Drew and continue working, Rose brought her forever best friend, Shelby Elena Ackley to life in 1996. After one of each, Rose and Scott felt that their family of 4 was complete.

Rose dedicated her life to Drew and Shelby. She did everything for them whether it was running them to and from friends houses, cheering at every sports game and attending every special event, to throwing the best birthday parties, staying up late to help with homework, making sure they had the nicest clothes and toys, to endlessly loving them just for who they are. Rose managed working full time, chasing around 2 kids, putting a warm meal on the table each night and still never had a hair out of place.

Rose retired from teaching in June, 2011 after 27 years. She spent all of her years teaching elementary aged kids, primarily 3rd and 1st grade. Rose was the kind of teacher who would be in her classroom at the crack of dawn and not leave until after the sun went down. She would spend weekends and summers at the school preparing for the weeks and years ahead. Rose impacted hundreds to thousands of children’s lives throughout her career. She was a role model and a favorite to many. Even after she retired she spent several more years subbing and volunteering in the classroom. Her passion and high energy was contagious. She developed endless connections and close relationships throughout her years of teaching.

After Rose retired she became heavily involved in shotgun shooting sports. It started when supporting Drew and Shelby throughout their shooting careers. She began as a treasurer at the local club and later expanded by becoming the Western Regional Director and was on the national board of the USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports. She spent much time and dedication traveling around the United States promoting shooting programs and making a difference in youth’s lives. Rose genuinely felt love for all of the kids involved and the sport itself.

Rose was blessed with another daughter in 2015 and a son in 2017 when Drew and Shelby married. She always loved and cared for them like she did her own children. Rose was beyond delighted the day she became a grandmother. Her whole world consisted of her grandchildren Parker (2013), Bryton (2016), Lydia (2017) and Kashton (2019). They brought her so much joy and pleasure and a whole new meaning to life.

Rose was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer in February, 2018. Rose endured every treatment, medication and test provided as an option to her. She fought as hard and as long as she could before leaving this world October 15th, 2019 to be with her mother Vicky in heaven. Rose died 9 days after her 60th birthday due to cancer treatment complications. Her last words were, “I want to live”, proving that she was leaving this world way too soon with so much left undone.

Today we remember Rosemarie Ann Ackley as a woman who had a passion for hunting, having killed a mountain goat and endless elk, deer and antelope throughout her lifetime. We remember her eagerness each time she was given the opportunity to park the camper, hop on a four wheeler, or take the boat out on the lake. We remember her love for rusty old things in which she declared as “antiques” or “yard art”. We remember her infatuation with yard sales, thrift stores and shopping in general. We remember her fondness of murder mystery shows and the Hallmark channel. We remember her with either a diet coke, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in her hand depending on the time of day. We remember her as the woman who always dressed to impress, with her perfect nails, hair and accessories to match.

But most importantly we remember her as the woman who could find good in everyone. We remember her as the woman who welcomed her home to everyone. We remember her positive attitude and bubbly personality. Today we remember Rosemarie Ann Ackley as a devoted wife of 34 years, mother of 4 and grandmother of 4. We remember her as a daughter, sister and aunt. We remember her as a teacher, coach, mentor, friend, role model and so much more. Her captivating smile, ambitious attitude and generous gestures will never be forgotten.

May these things live on through those who knew and loved her to continue her beautiful contribution to the world.

*Written by Shelby Barton with the help of family and friends*

 — with Rose Ackley.



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