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Today's Youth are the Caretakers of our Future

At USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports (USAYESS), our mission is to develop, grow, and support state affiliate organizations that use hands-on events, shooting sports, wildlife habitat and conservation programs to introduce and educate youth and their families about safe firearm handling, shooting sports, outdoor conservation and other outdoor activities.

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  • Straight Club

  • By USAYESS 05/23/2017, 3:30pm PDT
  • USAYESS congratulates all members of the USAYESS STRAIGHT CLUB for all their hard work in achieving their goals.
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As partners with Project Child Safe, our mission and responsibility to continue spreading the importance of safe firearm ownership to both long time members, new members, and their families is ongoing.

We hope these new tools will help you reinforce and share these messages of safe ownership with youth, your friends, and family. We hope you will join us on this road to educate as many youth, family,and friends as possible about the importance of these messages.The interactive tool will help guide you through key steps towards safe ownership.

Road To Responsibility


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One of these items could have been yours! 

Drawing was held on October 1, 2018 at 5:00pm in Colville, WA.

Thank you to all the sponsors that donated product to this raffle and to  all of you whom bought this year. Hopre you enjoy your prizes.


Grand Prize: Blazer F16 with Briley sub-gauge tube set, adjustable comb and stock, and Americase  Geramy Goff

2nd Prize: LaPorte PC 320 Pro Trap  Tom Davi

3rd Prize:  Kimber 1911 Eclipse II Ernie Lundquist

4th Prize: Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in 280 Rem. with scope  Clayton Burch

5th Prize: Winchester SX3 Ultra Sporting 12 gauge  Chandler Peay

6th Price: Canon Capital 36 gun safe  Chandler Peay

7th Prize: Kimber Limited Edition Micro 9 Sapphire Chandler Peay

8th Prize: MEC 9000 12 gauge reloader  Zach Miller

9th Prize: Americase with tube set compartment  Chandler Peay

10th Prize Lyman Remote Control Target Stand Tom Bailey

11th Prize: Mystery Item  Chandler Peay






Sponsor of all USAYESS Regional and National Championships Clay Delay Challenges

Sponsor of all USAYESS Regional and National Championships Clay Delay Challenges

Partial sponsor of USAYESS NAtional Championship targets

Sponsor of all games at the USAYESS National Championship

Sponsor of WA Family Outdoor Experience event

Sponsor of ACUI Shcolarship at USAYESS National Championship