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State Organizations

State Affiliate Contacts

If your state does not have a state governing organization that can help introduce, grow and support youth shooting programs statewide, and you would like to implement a Youth Education in Shooting Sports (YESS) organization program, want to start a team, or you are a new coach with questions, please contact USAYESS or one of the support volunteers in your state.

USAYESS encourages each state to have its own youth shooting sports foundation, for example, the Washington Youth Shooting Sports Foundation (WAYESS). We strongly suggest and offer assistance to states interested in developing their own organization, websites and program. The role of the national foundation is to implement, grow, support, and keep structure within both the national and state organizations. Each state should have a goal of being financially self-sufficient and help build brand recognition. USAYESS recommends that the board of directors be no more than five or seven members, have no executive committee, and include all one person familiar with the games promoted on their board.

In order for a state organization to be considered and or approved as a USAYESS State partner, the state should have:

  • Three (3) USAYESS registered teams, with a minimum of three to five (3-5) athletes per team.
  • State organization must host one (1) annual State YESS Jr Clay Target Championship consisting of American Skeet, American Trap and Sporting Clays. Where available, International Skeet and Trap Singles may be included as separate events.
  • States may not require its members to become members of any national governing body.
  • States may not host registered junior  tournaments under the USAYESS or YESS banner.
  • All junior YESS championship tournaments must be stand alone events.
  • Junior tournaments must be open to all youth organizations which have a competitive shooting program. The states may charge non-USAYESS member fees at their events.
  • Each state should have one representative participate on the USAYESS annual State YESS conference call. This ensures all states are involved in the program's growth and has a voice in any program changes.
  • The state should send one representative to the MidwayUSA Foundation annual conference if invited by the MidwayUSA Foundation.
  • State organization must promote USAYESS and show annual USAYESS program growth.
  • States are also encouraged to host one annual Family Outdoor Experience event and encourage teams to host one annual team Break-A-Clay day fundraiser preferably in August in order to tie in with the National Shooting Sports Foundation's (NSSF) national #Letsgoshoot Month.
  • States should encourage teams to participate in the MidwayUSA Foundation fundraisers in order to grow their team endowment accounts.

Other than that, states are encouraged to run and manger their state organization as they see will best grow their program in their state.

Thank you for your support!

Your generous donation will help with scholarship funding, teach youth firearm safety, competitive shooting skills, wildlife conservation, and life skills. 

State Affiliate Support Teams

Alabama - Greg Robinson: ALYESS

Alaska  - Lindy Moss: AKYESS

Arizona - Mike Rogers: AZYESS

Arkansas - Ellie Sellin: ARYESS

California - Rose Ackley:  CAYESS

Colorado - Rose Ackley: COYESS

Florida - Dennis Diaz: FLYESS

Georgia - Craig Hancock: GAYESS

Idaho - Bill White: IDYESS

Kansas - Dave Stunkel: KSYESS

Louisiana - Ellie Sellin: LAYESS

Maryland - Doug Pfaff: MDYESS

Michigan - Hal Norris: MIYESS

Minnesota - Jeff Grove:  MNYESS

Mississippi - Ellie Sellin: MSYESS

Montana - Rose Ackley: MTYESS

Nebraska - Kurt Kremke: NEYESS

New Mexico - Crystal Drennan: NMYESS

New Jersey - Nick Pino: NJYESS

New York - Tom LaPrelle: NYYESS

Nevada - Rose Ackley: NVYESS

N. Carolina - Don Wise: NCYESS

N. Dakota - Dave Stunkel: NDYESS

S. Carolina - Keith Woelffer: SCYESS

S. Dakota - Chris Gerber:  SDYESS

Oklahoma - Ellie Sellin: OKYESS

Oregon - Jenny Merrell:  ORYESS

Pennsylvania - Pending

Tennessee - Tim Sellin:  TNYESS

Texas  - Debbie Guerra: TXYESS

Utah - Brian Beard:  UTYESS

Virginia - Debbie Hartman: VAYESS

Washington - Larry Snow: WAYESS

W. Virginia - Ellie Sellin: WVYESS

Wisconsin - Dave Stunkel: WIYESS

Wyoming - Rose Ackley: WYYESS


Regional Directors

Western Region: Rose Ackley

Midwest Region: Dave Stunkel

South Central: Roger Guerra

Great Lakes Region: TBD

North Eastern Region: Doug Pfaff 

Southern Region: Ellie Sellin

Alaskan Region: Neil Moss

Regional Map