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Team Endowment Accounts

By USAYESS, 05/23/17, 3:10PM PDT


Support your local team's endowment accounts!

Since 2010 Larry and Brenda have made it their mission to help grow youth shooting across the country. The key word is HELP. The plan was never to be the sole provider of team funding. The Foundation today has about 3200 teams with endowed accounts. The sad part of this unequalled generosity is that only about 1100 are drawing grants. Even worse, only about 500 teams are contributing to their team's own future. These accounts were not intended to create a welfare program.

We must all work to get more communities engaged in supporting their local team's endowment accounts! The most important factor for 2018 needs to be the number of teams engaged in helping themselves this year.

Team engagement means having a community and home club that supports the team and be actively involved in adding to their endowed account. This can be through fund raising events, sponsors, recurring gifts or any form of adding non Potterfield Family money to their account. The MidwayUSA Foundtion offers raffles items to teams for free for crying out loud. If the team doesn't need the money, they should withdraw the 5% and redeposit's matched 2:1! Not doing so is simply being lazy...sorry, but I can't find any other reason not to take advantage of the Potterfields generosity.

I'm sure that there will be a point in time when Larry and Brenda will turn their gifting to other areas so it is critical that agencies and teams find ways to grow their endowments to be able to sustain their goals without support from the Potterfields.

If state agencies are not sure which teams in their state are engaged in helping themselves, please contact the Foundation for a list and help engage more teams in securing their financial future.

West of the Mississippi, Jeff McLure: 573-447-5959
East of the Mississippi, Terry DeWitt: 573-447-5969

USAYESS has helped get many state agencies started in order to get more funds to teams. It's time for teams to start helping themselves.


Mike Borg, President USAYESS